Do you still have little kids living at home? Perhaps your own children are grown and now have families of their own. In either case, if you are planning summer fun for kids, from buying a splash pad for home use to creating other summertime games, here are some ideas that might help this summer be one of the year's highlights.

Make It Creative - Think of different things that you can offer your kids or your grandkids for them to enjoy outside. If your children or grandchildren are like a lot of today's kids, it is more than likely a fact that they love to watch television and play electronic games. Get those kids outside! Of course, you can't just say, Play outside, please. Instead, think of what you can provide to make them have the desire to be outside without being asked to. Have you been to parks or other places that have water sprinklers coming out of the floor? If not, you've missed out on something truly fun. Kids love it when the water gushes up and they get to play in it, then run to another area where there is a new gush of water that spurts up from the ground. Think of duplicating that fun on a smaller scale right in your back yard. Consider buying a splash pad where kids can slide and play in the water, and you might even have to remind the kids to come in for meals.

​Add More Fun - Think of other things the kids can do outdoors. Do you remember playing Statues when you were little? It's the game where those who are playing move around and then when a designated person yells the word, Freeze, everybody has to remain in the exact position they were in when they heard the command. It will probably bring hoots and hollers form everybody, including you. Think of mind games the kids can play outside, too. For example, think of creating a large game board out of wood and marking it with black and red paint so that it will become a chess board or a checker board. It might be fun for the kids to be the game pieces themselves, learning what the moves in chess are by actually moving themselves. Think of getting the kids to plant a vegetable garden or a flower garden, too. That in itself will provide provide hours of enjoyment.