Erosion is a serious problem that can threaten the livelihood of your landscape and property, make it hard to grow an attractive and healthy yard, and even pose issues for your home. While most homeowners are fully aware that there are synthetic materials you can buy to help with erosion control, there are also more natural alternatives that are commonly used and highly effective. Take a look at some of the natural materials that can be used for erosion control on your property. 

Shredded or Chipped Wood 

Shredded or chipped wood pieces are ideal for erosion control for a few reasons, so this is a go-to material for DIY homeowners. For one, the shredded material is highly absorbent, especially when taken from certain types of trees like hardwood oak or maple that consume a lot of water. Secondly, shredded or chipped wood pieces are abundant. It is not uncommon for people with erosion control issues to get loads of free mulched material from a local tree removal company who uses a wood chipper to compact debris, but you can also buy loads of wood mulch for a pretty low price. 

Coconut Fiber (Coir)

Coconut fiber, which is usually referred to simply as coir, is fibrous material taken from the husks of coconut shells. Coir can be found in all kinds of products, especially those used for gardening and landscaping, but for erosion control, coir tends to be integrated into ground mats that you can purchase in large rolls. Erosion control mats are a really effective way to control water runoff in areas that are prone to soil wash but work best in areas where the problem is not that big. For example, coir mats can be used on slight slopes on your property to protect the topsoil. 

Aspen Fiber 

Aspen fiber is a derivative of aspen wood, and while it can sometimes be found in its natural state, you are more likely to see it blended with some form of synthetic cellulose to up its capability of absorbing water. Aspen fiber is probably one of the most industrial-used types of erosion control material because it is better equipped to deter erosion in areas that sustain a lot of rainfall or water runoff. Therefore, if you hire a contractor to help you with erosion control, there is a good chance you will see them use some form of aspen fiber product during their attempts to rectify the problems. 

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