Keeping your lawn and garden in good condition throughout the year requires a great deal of maintenance. In order to ensure that your plants are healthy and able to withstand weather conditions and environmental exposure, you need to go beyond simply watering and trimming the grass and hedges. Fertilizing is a relatively common yet essential part of landscaping maintenance, and consists of applying natural or chemical fertilizer directly into your soil to provide nutrients to your plant life. Understanding some of the major benefits of using fertilizer in your yard can help you decide if fertilizing is the right fit for your landscaping needs.

Plant Health

The most obvious benefit associated with applying any type of fertilizer in your yard is the fact that doing so will improve the health of your plants. This is especially true if you have particularly poor soil quality, as your plants may not be getting all of the nutrients that they need to grow properly from the soil. Fertilizer can help ensure that your plants stay strong, which can help reduce the risk of diseases setting in and pests taking up residence in your garden.

Erosion Control

In a somewhat similar train of thought to the above point, fertilizing is an important part of landscaping maintenance because it strengthens the root network of your plants and grass. This makes it less likely that your yard will experience soil runoff and erosion, because the roots of your plant life will hold it in place even in the face of heavy rainfall. 

Aesthetic Considerations

Beyond improving the health of plants in your yard, fertilizer will also make your plants grow at a faster rate and produce more buds and increasingly vibrant colors. This means that you can quickly and effectively get an entire garden blooming, improving the appearance of your yard - not to mention covering up bald patches in your lawn and ensuring that wilting leaves and branches are perked up. This is especially relevant if you are thinking about selling your home at any time in the near future, as the exterior appearance of your yard and landscape plays a significant role in the curb appeal of your property.

Weed Control

Finally, another advantage of using fertilizer from a lanscaping service such as Colourscape Inc is that it will help reduce weed growth in your garden. This is for two reasons. Firstly, most modern chemical fertilizers come with some sort of pesticide mixed in with the fertilizer that will target specific weeds and plant growth. Secondly, but more importantly, is the fact that stronger and healthier plants in your yard will be better able to compete with weeds for water and nutrients, and may even force them into the shade due to their larger size, preventing weeds from getting a foothold in your yard.