For many homeowners, cold weather seems to be equated to the death of their yards. As soon as the first hint of cool temperatures hit, much of the color will start to disappear from your yard. However, this doesn't mean that everything is dead and there's nothing to do except wait for spring.

There are plenty of activities you can do to prepare your residential landscaping for the cooler months. This could mean keeping it lush and green or just ensuring it's ready for spring.

Don't Stop Mowing

Many homeowners stop mowing their lawns as soon as the weather starts to turn. This is usually because many grasses go dormant once the weather becomes a bit chilly. However, it's important to remember that there are many grasses that do well in cool weather and continue growing until the ground is frozen.

Mowing your lawn will ensure it's free of litter that can smother areas of the lawn. The short grass also makes it harder for fungi to thrive.


Aeration of the soil has many advantages. It breaks up the soil, which may have been compacted by too much traffic. This creates a better environment for the roots of plants and grasses by allowing nutrients and water to reach them. The best time to aerate your soil is when the cooler months are approaching.


Although many people fertilize their yards during spring, many others don't appreciate the need to do the same before the cooler months. The fertilizers used at the start of spring are nitrogen-rich to encourage growth. However, those used before winter have higher levels of potassium and lower levels of nitrogen. This prepares the roots of grasses for the harsh winter ahead.

Deep Watering of Trees

It's important to continue watering your trees at least until the ground freezes. The manner of watering will be different. You'll need to do deep watering to ensure the roots take in enough water before the soil is frozen. Once this happens, the water will not be able to reach the roots.


Certain species can be susceptible to diseases like fire blight when they become dormant during cold weather. Therefore, certain deciduous trees should be pruned at this time. It's also a good time to prune evergreen trees that are overgrown. You can hire a professional landscaping team to do the job if, like many homeowners, you're afraid of butchering the plants.