If you have won a house at an auction or purchased a foreclosed home that has grass, weeds and bushes so overgrown you can barely get to the front door of the property, you want help from the landscaping experts in your area. You'll want to talk with the contractors for landscaping to ask how to get rid of all the overgrowth, and what to do to make the yard enjoyable. Here are some things to get estimates for and to consider.

Start with a New Canvas

Having a landscaping contractor come to the property to eliminate all the overgrowth and the bushes, trees and plants you know you don't want allows you to start with a new canvas. The contractors can remove the bad greenery you don't want, and then add:

  • Quick growing hydroseed for fast new grass
  • New bushes, shrubs or flowers as requested
  • Stones, mulch and other items

The hydroseeding grass seed application allows you to have a new yard in just a couple of weeks. You can take everything to the grass and then start over with the design and layout of your landscaping.

Reduce Pest Concerns

A major concern to have if there is a lot of overgrowth with the property is that there are pests living on the property. This could be anything from rodents like mice and rabbits, to insects and reptiles. Removing all the old and dead greenery and high areas where you can't see the ground helps you look and treat for pests effectively.

Treatments for the Property

Once the yard is cut, trimmed, and brought to a state where you don't mind walking through it, you'll be ready to have it treated for weeds, crabgrass and pests. Ask the landscaping contractor to look at trees you are keeping to see if they need any special treatments because of local infection concerns or problems, and to assess if other treatments like fertilization are necessary.

If you don't have the right type of equipment, getting rid of the tall weeds and grass is something that you may not even be able to do, and you could end making the yard look terrible. Get estimates to find out what it will take to restore the landscaping around the property, and to find out how much it will cost to make the yard look great, even if you have to spend a lot of time working to fix up the inside of the property after you buy it. Contact a service, like Hydrograss Technologies , to get started.