A backyard is a place to be enjoyed, an area where kids and pets can play and families can make lasting memories together. But, if your backyard is just dirt, you most likely won't want to spend much time out there. Landscaping your backyard is an easy way to create outdoor living space that you and your family can utilize regularly. While some people opt to landscape their backyard on their own, many people turn to landscaping companies to create the backyard that they want. If you are planning on hiring a landscaping company to landscape your backyard, use the following tips:

Work with a Licensed Landscaping Company

Having a whole backyard landscaped typically isn't cheap, but it is not a good idea to hire a landscaping company that is not licensed. While licensed landscaping companies typically charge a bit more for their services, the higher price is definitely worth paying. A licensed landscaping company has fulfilled the strict requirements to obtain a license from the state's registrar of contractors. You will also have the peace of mind of knowing that a licensed landscaping company carries the necessary insurance so you are protected financially if anything is damaged or someone is hurt on your property.

Be Upfront About Your Budget

The cost of landscaping a backyard can vary dramatically depending on what you want and what you can afford to pay for. When you're talking to different landscaping companies, be upfront about about your budget. A landscaping company owned by a talented landscaping designer will be able to take your budget into account when creating a landscape design for your backyard that fits your budget and also incorporates what you want.

Get Several Quotes

Before hiring a landscaping company to landscape your backyard, take the time to get several price quotes. It is not uncommon to find that two landscaping companies may offer very similar landscape packages, but one company may charge a lot more than the other. Spending a little bit of time getting price quotes based on your budget can help ensure that you get great results without paying too much.

Carefully Read the Contract

Never start a backyard landscaping project with a landscaping company without carefully reading the contract. The contract should outline the start date, the completion date, and everything that is included in the price you are paying, including the cost of labor and materials such as trees, plants, sod, edging, and a sprinkler/drip system. 

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