If you have a steeply inclining back yard or front yard, you know how difficult it can be to deal with. Rain can rush down it and end up collecting where you don't want it, soil can erode and it can be a nightmare to push a lawnmower up a large slope. Luckily, there are ways to landscape around a sloped yard that can make your front or backyard both beautiful and manageable. Read on for some ideas. 

Dry Creek Bed

If water races down your sloped yard and collects near the foundation of your home, consider adding a dry creek bed to your property to divert water. A dry creek bed also helps with soil erosion control because the water will run down the creek bed rather than running down a slope and taking the soil with it. To build a dry creek bed, dig a shallow trench in the sloped yard directed toward where you want rainwater to do. Aim it toward a water-loving flower bed or a water feature rather than toward a neighbor's house or the street. Line the bottom of the trench with flat rocks and use decorative ones up the sides. As you plan your dry creek bed, consider giving the trench a curve to make it have less of a gradient than your sloped yard. If your dry creek bed has a dramatic slope, fast-moving rain water might end up taking your carefully placed rocks down the creek bed with it. 

Retaining Wall

If soil erosion control is one of your main concerns, a retaining wall is a good solution to a sloped yard. A retaining wall can be made out of a variety of materials--from stone to concrete or wood--and it turns a sloped yard into a flat yard that ends at a wall that drops off to the street or flat ground. Its main job is to hold soil in place, but it has to be constructed carefully so it doesn't hold water in place, too. Make sure that the retaining wall has a drain so that rainwater can get through the retaining wall rather than staying in place and drowning your plants. 

Multi-Level Deck

In a sloped backyard, a multi-level deck is a beautiful solution. Rather than a grass-covered slope, you can have several deck levels built into the slope connected by staircases. For some green, scatter potted plants or even small potted trees around the deck. 


If you're looking for help with soil erosion control, reach out to those working in the field, such as Holleman Hydroseeding & Erosion Control LLC.