Landscaping design is more than a combination of plant life and hard surfaces like decks, patios, and fences. Lighting installations around your yard can provide a number of practical and aesthetic benefits. Understanding some of the biggest advantages associated with outdoor lighting installations can help you determine if they are the right fit for your landscaping design, for either a residential or commercial property.

1. Improved Security

The largest practical benefit associated with installing lights around your yard, either to light up pathways, illuminate the fence or otherwise just brighten up your yard is the security aspect of doing so. Having a well-lit yard during the night means that you will always be able to see if someone is on your property, which can help discourage break-ins. This is especially important for commercial properties that have valuable inventory on site.

Further, lights will also keep nocturnal pests which have sensitive eyes away from your yard, which can help keep animals out of your garbage, flowerbeds, and other sensitive and vulnerable areas. This reduces damage to residential landscaping that can be expensive and time-consuming to fix. Installing lights that have motion-sensor capabilities can be enough to startle any intruders which may come by, human or animal.

2. Increased Safety

Another key reason to install lights throughout your yard is the fact that they will help keep your yard safe at night, which is especially important for elderly homeowners or those with small children. A dark yard can hide tripping hazards like steps and uneven ground which can make a fall at night much more likely. Lighting up pathways, patios, and other surfaces that you may use around your property at night reduces the risk that you or anyone else will fall and injure themselves. For commercial properties, having well-lit walkways can help reduce the liability associated with someone who injures themselves while walking around.

3. Boosted Curb Appeal

Finally, installing lights around your property's landscaping can boost the curb appeal of your building. For homeowners, this helps increase house value by maintaining a well-kept (and well-lit!) exterior. This is important if you are thinking of selling your home at any point in the future, or if you just want to have an attractive looking home. Commercial properties that are open at night can also benefit from a boost in curb appeal, as a well-lit property is more likely to attract customers after the sun has gone down.

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