Are you in a new home? Maybe your home is not new, but you have been focusing your attention on your backyard landscaping and have left the front yard for now. These cooler months will probably be an excellent time for you to decide on how you want to beautify your front yard so that it will be ready for spring and summer of 2019. From concrete landscape curbing to the addition of outdoor statuary, here are some ideas that might help you to create a unique and attractive design.

​Create Your Landscaping Design On Paper: Maybe you're a gifted artist that can give a lot of attention to detail in your design on paper. However, even if you're not a skilled artist, consider making at least a rough sketch of what you want. Think of driving around pretty neighborhoods to get ideas from front yards you admire. Also, consider browsing through home and garden magazines. cut out pictures that stand out as special so that you can incorporate them into your front yard landscaping. If you see advertisements of things like concrete landscape curbing, make note of the businesses that perform that kind of work in your area. The great thing about concrete landscape curbing is that it is affordable, easy to install, and it will last for a very long time. Whether you install it yourself or whether you use a landscape service to do the job, it will probably be in place and ready to use n a very short time. The business where you purchase the curbing will have professionals who can give you ideas on how to implement it into your front yard landscaping. 

Install Concrete Landscape Curbing: One idea for a truly unique look in your front yard is to include concrete landscape curbing. For example, use this type of curbing to accent the walkway to your front door. Another idea is to add concrete landscape curbing to portions of your front yard that you want to showcase. For instance, if you want to establish a rose garden, consider surrounding it with concrete curbing that complements the style you selected for your walkway. Think of using statuary along with the concrete landscape curbing, too. For example, purchase a large angel statue and place it on a brick hardscape that is surrounded by concrete landscape curbing. Surround the statue with things like potted plants, clay birds and even smaller angels. 

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