If you're considering using rocks in your landscaping, you should look at the various types of landscape Mexican beach pebbles available. These are ideal for landscaping around plants, making borders, or for using as ground cover. Here are things to know about these pebbles:

Mexican Beach Pebbles Are Smooth

Beach pebbles are tumbled by the water and waves so they are smooth, which makes them a little more attractive than jagged gravel. Being smooth, they're easier to walk on in bare feet, so they can be used for making walkways These rocks can give your plant beds an upscale appearance due to their shape and variety of colors.

These Pebbles Come In Different Colors

Rocks may not seem like an attractive addition to your yard, but Mexican beach pebbles add a touch of beauty wherever you use them. You might want shiny black pebbles in a flowerbed of red flowers or rust-colored pebbles in a bed of succulent plants. These pebbles are in earth tones, blue, and black so you can find a good match for the project you're working on.

Mexican Beach Pebbles Have Practical Uses

Beach pebbles are more than just pretty. They perform useful functions in your yard. They can act as mulch to hold in moisture around plants, but they don't decay like wood mulch does and they're not artificial like rubber mulch. One helpful use for these pebbles is as ground cover for areas of your yard where you don't want to mow. Dig up the sod, put down landscaping fabric to hold back weeds, and then spread out the pebbles on the ground to take the place of grass so you have less yard to maintain. These pebbles also make a good decorative border for a fire pit so you don't have to worry about sparks catching grass on fire.

You Can Buy The Pebbles In Bulk

If you need a lot of pebbles for your project, visit a landscaping center and buy them in bulk. You can have them delivered to your yard so you can spread them where you want to use them. Buying in bulk is more convenient and less expensive than buying the rocks by the bag and hauling them home yourself.

Your pebbles will last a long time, so the effort you put in your landscaping project will pay off for years. Plus, you'll have an attractive look for your property and your kids will enjoy playing with the colorful pebbles. Pebbles are also easy to work with as long as you have a wheelbarrow to move them around your property.