Your backyard and outdoor space provide you with the ability to create and customize the landscaping and hardscaping to your own preference. You can turn a weed-filled overgrown spot to a relaxing oasis of additional living space that you can use during the warmer months for entertaining, gathering, and relaxing. Here are some landscaping ideas for you to use bricks to update and improve your backyard space.

Add a Patio

Whether you already have a patio in your backyard or not, bricks are a beautiful way to add onto your existing pavement or install a new one. Bricks are a great paving material, as they are durable, long-lasting, and they are usually a natural color and patina that varies by brick to give your surface a beautiful and unique look and texture.

If you have an existing backyard patio, you can edge it with rows of bricks to frame it and extend its surface area. You can even add in a circular section that you can use as a seating area or a fire pit. Bricks can provide a variety of looks when you set them in a vertical running bond pattern, or turn them to create a basket weave or diagonal basket weave pattern. You can also choose to have your brick patio set in a more decorative and complicated herringbone pattern or a Spanish bond pattern.

Your brick patio can also be set using masonry sand as the base and the material between each brick to hold them in place. Otherwise, you can opt for a more stable and durable set with masonry concrete, which holds the patio bricks in place for many years.

Install a Pathway

In addition to installing a patio with bricks, you can also add in a pathway made of set bricks. Bricks will add natural beauty to your landscaping to improve the area. A pathway through your lawn or around the back of your property will create a visual walkway and protection from dirt and mud. You can also add a walkway through your vegetable or rose garden to protect your growing plants from people stomping around. 

Talk to your landscape professional about your brick paving options within your backyard. You can find there are a variety of sources available for brick paving work, including reclaimed and recycled bricks that are centuries old, or brand new bricks. To learn more, contact a brick patio company.