Before you build on a property, the soil stabilization is important. When you need extensive soil stabilization, you want to add solutions that are going to prevent soil movement and be attractive additions to the landscaping design. The following soil stabilization solutions will help integrate these features into the finished landscaping design:

Hydroseeding and Attractive Green Groundcovers

One of the first solutions that you may want to use for soil stabilization is hydroseeding. The first step in hydroseeding is temporary stabilization of soil with a geotextile fabric that is rolled out over the area that is going to be planted. Once the mat has been installed, the mixture of fertilizer and grass seed is sprayed on the surface. This will help to establish a grass ground cover quickly to stabilize the soil.

Retaining Wall Systems With Attractive Finishes

Retaining walls are the most commonly used solutions for soil stabilization. They can be made of different landscaping materials, but you want to make sure the retaining walls for your property have attractive finishes. Some of the options to build retaining walls with attractive finishes are:

  • Treated timbers for terrace-like elevations
  • Especially designed retaining wall block systems
  • Concrete walls with stamped and seal coated finishes
  • Concrete or block walls with attractive veneer finishes

These are the options that you will want to consider for the retaining walls you decide to use for your landscaping and construction project. The best retaining walls are masonry and concrete because they last longer than natural materials like treated timbers.

Environmentally Friendly Porous Pavements

Today, there are also options for ecologically friendly pavements that can be used for different solutions in hardscaping and landscaping designs. These pavements can include drainage systems and have attractive colors to create designs for groundcovers in landscaping. These pavements are attractive hardscaping solutions that will also help reduce the maintenance costs of landscaping.

Attractive Rock for Landscaping Drainage Designs

There are also options for attractive rock materials that can be used in landscaping designs. These features can be used to create drainage solutions that help prevent problems with soil erosion. The drainage system can include aggregate materials in drain canals that have been lined to direct the flow of water away from structures and unstable soil.

These soil stabilization techniques can be integrated into landscaping designs for attractive solutions. If you need to build on a property with unstable soils, contact a soil stabilization service and talk to them about integrating these features into the landscaping design.