Trees are living things, and therefore many people want to treat them with respect. It may therefore seem cruel to remove a tree from your property, but sometimes, tree removal really is the best option. You have to put your own safety and the safety of other plants and animals on the land first. But what types of trees need to be removed? When it comes down to it, there are four basic types that require removal.

Trees That Are Dead

If a tree does not have leaves on its branches and it is not the dormant season, then that tree is dead. Sometimes homeowners wait a season or two thinking the tree will make a comeback, but this doesn't happen. Dead trees are a hazard when left in place. Their wood grows brittle, meaning that they could topple over or lose a major branch, causing lots of damage. Dead trees also tend to attract unwanted wildlife, like woodpeckers and various insects, so you're best off having them removed from your land ASAP.

Trees That Are Badly Diseased

Some tree diseases are more serious than others. The general guideline is that spots on the leaves are not a big deal. Holes or cankers in the trunk, and fungal brackets growing from the trunk or roots, are signs of a serious disease that will kill the tree sooner or later. These diseases are really tough to treat, so to prevent the tree from falling over or continuing to spread disease, you should have it removed.

Trees That Are Interfering

If a tree's base is growing into your garage floor, its branches keep growing into the power lines, or a big limb is shading your roof, then this tree should be removed. Some homeowners make do by having the tree continually trimmed back over the years, but this gets expensive and time-consuming, and it does not always solve the problem as well as you'd hope. If you remove the tree, you'll be done and can move on.

Trees That Are Weak

A tree with a major crack in one of its largest limbs, or one that has a structure that makes it look as though it's going to blow over completely in the next storm, is weak. Weak trees can cause lots of damage and injuries. You're better off removing the tree than waiting for it to cause a calamity.

Call a tree removal expert in your area for service. They'll typically come remove the tree and get rid of the wood for you. Sometimes, this is simply the safest thing to do.

Reach out to a tree removal service in your area to learn more.