Does your yard include uneven, bumpy, or sloped areas? Landscaping in an uneven environment presents extra challenges, but you can overcome them and create a beautiful yard no matter what your terrain. And you don't have to dig up the whole yard to level it. Here are a few ways to manage your uneven spots without tearing them up. 

1. Use Terracing. Terraces are a timeless way to reclaim a steep slope. These terrace steps can be large, cutting the slope of a hill into usable flat sections that could be planted, or they may be as small as a single row of flowers on a small slope. 

2. Fill In Sections. Rather than digging up a high spot in the yard, why not fill in the low areas around it to create a berm? This is a great option for areas with repeated height differences that are too small by themselves to do much with. Extend a single mound to nearby ones to create a longer berm and use it as a base for a rock garden, plant a shrub and flower bed on it, or make it a boundary for a play zone. 

3. Use Plant Heights. Camouflage can be just as effective as actually changing the physical characteristics of the yard. Differing ground levels can be evened out by using plant heights to make them appear more uniform. For instance, you might plant tall shrubs like hydrangea or rhododendron in low spots to bring them up the same level as smaller bushes planted on higher sections. 

4. Just Add Water. Hills and valleys are natural places to use moving water in interesting and organic ways. Use the gravity of your uneven areas to create a trickling steam, a waterfall into a small pond, or just a faux river bed that helps direct real rain water through the sloping spots in a safe way. 

5. Cover With Hardscape. Various types of hardscaping can help cover over both mild and steeper rises and depressions. Install a deck to create useful space on top of a troublesome area. Add an arbor or lattice in front of it to create visual interest and hide an odd slope. Or plant flowering groundcover on a steep uphill area and use it as a backdrop for a seating area just in front of the hill. 

Need help coming up with ways to work with your naturally uneven ground? Start by consulting with a landscape designer in your area. Armed with the experience of working with many different properties and different owners' styles, they can help you find the best solutions for any space and any budget. Make an appointment today. 

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