Landscaping isn't just about plants. Features like brick or stone masonry walls can be an effective strategy for improving both the appearance and usability of your yard.

1. Structural Supports

The main reason that many homeowners put up masonry walls is to use them as retaining walls. A retaining wall can help stabilize slopes and hills in the landscaping, thus controlling erosion and preventing structural collapse. Using attractive materials, such as bricks and stones, to create the walls helps them double as a landscaping feature. 

2. Accessible Heights

For those with mobility challenges, gardening can be an enjoyable pastime, but getting down on the ground to work can be difficult. Masonry landscaping walls can be used to create permanent raised planting features in the yard. You can grow ornamentals or vegetables in the beds. The height of the wall and the planting surface can be tailored to your needs. The top of the walls can even be flat so they provide a seat as you work in the garden.

3. Functional Spaces

Increasing the functional space in your yard is a good reason to consider masonry walls. Walls can be used to create flat terraces on a slope, for example, increasing the available space for plants or even providing an area for seating or tables. Walls can act as both fences and seating simultaneously, which saves valuable space in an attractive manner. 

4. Cosmetic Improvements

A flat yard with a few plants can seem one dimensional. The most interesting landscapes have layers and multiple levels. On an otherwise flat lot, the best way to add this layering is with some raised beds and hardscaping, both things a masonry wall can help with. Combine the walls with plants of varying heights, from low growing colorful flowers to lovely shade trees, and you will have a much more interesting and attractive yard.

5. Safety Values

Sometimes, masonry walls can provide some safety benefits. They can be used as a barrier between a garden path and water feature or culvert, for example. If tall enough, the walls can double as fencing to help keep children or pets contained in safe areas when they are playing. You can also opt to have features like solar lighting installed in the wall, which can provide visibility and security at night.

Contact a landscape masonry service if you would like to add some brick or stone walls to your yard.