Fall is an important time of year to care for your yard's landscaping as you clean up fallen branches and leaves to prepare it for winter weather. Here are some detailed recommendations to help you take great care of your yard landscaping and prepare it for the winter season.

Protect Your Lawn Health

The condition and health of your lawn are important to you during the spring and summer seasons when it is actively adding growth and filling in from winter. But this is not the only time you want to give your lawn a good amount of attention. Just because you don't need to regularly mow and water your lawn during the winter and fall does not mean you can neglect its care until springtime. Be sure you correct any nutrient deficiency needs with a fall fertilizer application. This will help and give your lawn a source of food to make it through the winter and help it emerge in the spring with good growth. You can test your soil for its nutrient needs or apply a fertilizer based on your lawn's seasonal needs.

Look at applying fertilizer in the fall or early winter onto your lawn. A good slow-release fertilizer is a smart option because you won't lose a lot of the fertilizer's benefits to runoff and it will stay within the soil and work for your lawn's benefit for several months. 

Look After Bedding Vegetation

If your bedding areas are looking a little rough from a season of heat and summer weather, there are several things you can do to take care of them. Your bedding areas should provide a healthy soil environment for flowers, shrubbery, and trees so they can grow and thrive. However, vegetation will take nutrients from the soil and erosion can damage the soil's make-up to leave it needing a bit more attention. 

You can protect your bedding soil and help improve its condition with a layer application of mulch, such as wood chips, bark, or other organic material that will break down over time. A good wood chip mulch will decompose and deposit nutrients back into the soil directly where your plants need it, and it will also protect your vegetation over the coming winter. A layer of mulch acts as an insulation layer and barrier against soil temperature swings and freezing damage that can harm your plant's roots. With a good layer that you supplement in the fall with additional coverage, your bedding area will look nice and provide protection to your plants.

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