If you enjoy watching neighborhood birds visit your yard, you might hang a bird feeder and a bird house where you can view them from your window. Another worthwhile addition to the yard is a bird bath, which will provide a place for all types of birds to bathe and drink.  They will put on a show for you in the process. Instead of just placing a bird bath on your lawn, where it might not look very stylish, it's worthwhile to think about how you can improve the look around this fixture. A good option is to hire a local landscaping professional, who can create something as simple or as complex as you wish. Here are three options.

Circular Flower Garden

A circular flower garden can be a good visual fit around the base of your bird bath. You'll be spending a lot of time looking at the bird bath, so it's nice to add some additional beauty in the same area. Most bird baths are circular, therefore it makes sense to have the flower garden follow the same shape at the base of this structure. Your landscaping professional can suggest a few different flower garden sizes that will work in your yard.  They may even recommend certain types of flowers based on the amount of sunlight in the area.

Stone Walkway

You'll likely want to visit the bird bath regularly to clean it and refill the water. With this in mind, it makes sense to consider a landscaping project that will provide easy access to this area. One good option is a stone walkway. If you've chosen a bird bath that has a natural stone look, your landscaper could suggest certain stones that will visually work well. They can then construct a path, either straight or winding, depending on your preference.  The path may run from your deck or patio to the bird bath area.


While some people like their bird bath as a focal point, others want it to blend into the space around it. If you have the latter mindset, one idea that your landscaper might suggest is planting some shrubs around the bird bath. As the shrubs mature, they'll get thick enough that you won't see the post of the bird bath. Instead, you'll just see the upper portion and the birds that use it. Your landscaper may suggest shrubs that certain local birds enjoy.  This will further encourage them to visit your yard. Speak to a landscaping professional and discuss these ideas for visual landscaping around your bird bath.