Wood mulch is a great option for several reasons. It's widely available and affordable, it breaks down and adds nutrients to the soil, and it can look really natural in your garden beds. But when you go to order wood mulch to be delivered to your property, you will soon learn something: there's more than one type. Here's a look at some of the most common types of wood mulch and what each one has to offer.


Bark is often the most expensive type of wood mulch. However, it's also considered to be the highest-end option. The bark looks pretty polished and high-end, although it still has a natural wood look. Bark also does a great job of sealing moisture into the soil and garden beds, as it has natural, water-repelling qualities. Many mulch companies sell two kinds of bark mulch: shredded and chipped. The shredded bark mulch will break down faster, making it a good choice if your soil is depleted. The chipped mulch will break down more slowly, making it a good choice if you want to wait longer between mulch applications.


Shredded and chipped cedar wood is another common type of wood mulch. Cedar, in particular, is used for a few different reasons. The natural oils in the cedar help repel various insects, which makes cedar a good choice if you've seen a lot of bugs on your garden plants. They can even help ward off termites. Cedar also has a natural resistance to rot, which means that mulch made from cedar will last significantly longer than mulch made from other woods. Some people choose cedar mulch for its scent, which is easily distinguished from that of other woods.

Pine Shavings

If you're on a tight budget, then pine shavings are a good type of wood mulch to consider. Since they are a waste product of the milling process and are readily available, they tend to be cheaper than other mulches. Pine breaks down quickly and adds nutrients to the soil, making it a good choice for depleted soils. Companies often also sell dyed pine mulch, although it will cost a bit more than the non-colored stuff.

If you're planning to have mulch delivered, do some thinking about the options above. If you have any questions or concerns, the mulch company you're ordering from (for example, Red Mill Landscaping & Nursery) can likely give you some additional guidance and discuss your options with you.