Your lawn and yard care routine does not have to be difficult or stressful to keep your yard looking like it has been professionally planned and planted. For a great-looking yard, all you need is some regular care and basic knowledge about how your yard does well and looks its best no matter the summer weather or drought conditions of the season. Here are some tips to help you care for your yard with good maintenance practices to keep your lawn and landscaping vegetation looking attractive for your property value.

Get a Handle on Weeds

Weeds can be one of the worst threats to your vegetation and the appearance of your property. If they are not kept at bay in the spring and into summer, by late summer you will want to throw in the towel and give up on trying to eliminate the weeds that have taken over. Start early on in the spring by applying a pre-emergent weed control treatment to your lawn, which can also provide fertilizer additions to strengthen your lawn's growth and help it come in more thickly. A thicker lawn is going to choke out weeds better and be a stronger part of your landscaping.

Install features in your bedding areas to help control weed growth. If you have a bedding area with a lot of bare soil and plants growing throughout, it can be easy for weeds to grow in the soil, especially if you use aerial watering methods. Instead, use a landscape weed barrier over the soil and cover it with mulch or rock to block out weed growth. Then, install a drip irrigation system that waters only directly onto the roots of your bedding plants, shrubs, and trees.

Be sure you follow up on a weekly basis with a weed spot treatment. Use a nozzle sprayer containing a non-selective herbicide to apply directly onto weeds that have sprouted up through the rocks or around the weed barrier.

Seed Your Lawn

After a scorching summer or snow mold on your lawn from winter, you may be experiencing some dead spots in your lawn that give weeds the perfect habitat to thrive in. Take some action against these bare spots by seeding the area properly to promote lawn replacement growth in your yard.

In the early fall or spring, prepare the bare spot with a garden rake to loosen the soil and add in some fertilizer, mulch, or compost to enrich the soil and promote the lawn seed growth. Sprinkle the seed onto the site and water it well to keep the area moist until the lawn starts to sprout, then continue watering regularly and less often until your lawn begins to thicken.

Contact a company that provides yard care services to learn more.