If you recently bought a house that has drainage issues around the foundation, this is the time to start looking for solutions. One of the best ways to eliminate accumulated water near your foundation is to have a French drain installed. For homeowners who are new to French drain systems, you might not understand what these systems can really do for your property. Here's a look at what you need to know about French drain systems and your property.

Effective Drainage

One of the biggest benefits of French drain systems is the efficacy of this waterproofing system. French drains are highly efficient, effective drainage systems that allow water to flow through the underground piping to a suitable outlet. When you want a drainage and waterproofing system that will ensure that water flows clearly away from your home, a French drain system is a great option.

Attractive Solution

Any time you have drainage issues along the outer perimeter of your home, it often creates oversaturated, soggy ground. This can be unpleasant, especially since the excess water makes it nearly impossible to grow any kind of landscaping. When you install a French drain system, you can top the pipes with decorative stone, gravel, crystals, or any other type of feature that adds to your home's appearance. This gives you a much more attractive solution than you might end up with otherwise.

Quick Installation

If your priority is to get a waterproofing system installed quickly, a French drain system may be just the thing. When it comes to waterproofing and drainage issues, French drain systems are quicker and easier to install than some of the alternatives. You'll just need to excavate a small path around the outer perimeter of the house. Then, the gravel and tubing will be installed throughout the system to permit adequate drainage. This can allow you to get your entire waterproofing system up and running in a matter of days.

The more you understand French drain systems, the easier it is to understand what makes it such a great solution for your home's drainage issues. Don't risk foundation and structural damage from prolonged water exposure when you can address your water saturation issues easily by installing a French drain system instead. Talk with a local drainage installation contractor today for more information about drainage and French drain installation. That way, you can easily determine if this is the right drainage solution for your home.