If you recently purchased a property that has some drainage issues, you'll need to reach out to a local landscaping contractor for drainage help. There are a number of different methods that you can incorporate to help improve the drainage on your property, but the right choice will depend on a variety of different factors. Here's a look at a couple of things that you should consider to help you determine the right solution.

French Drains

French drains are a good solution for many drainage issues, but they do require you to dig a trench. Depending on the depth of the trench, you may need rental equipment to handle this part, and then you'll want to fill part of the trench with gravel for improved filtration and drainage. Then, a perforated pipe will be placed in the trench before the top is covered with porous materials so that water can flow in and then away from the problem areas. 

Dry Well Establishment

If you have an area where there's specific runoff causing problems, sometimes a dry well is the way to go. These are deep wells that are dug deep enough to create somewhere for the water to go without being dug deep enough to hit a water vein underground. These are ideal when you're only dealing with a single water source or when you have a specific water flow that's problematic. Just make sure that you can dig a dry well deep enough for your needs without hitting the water table.

You'll also have to consider the soil composition. If the soil is too heavily filled with clay, it won't drain well at all. This can be problematic for you over time, leading to flooding in the yard. You'll need a different drainage option if there's a lot of clay in the soil.

Water-Loving Landscape

If you have a property that just seems to hold a lot of water in the soil, you might find that the better solution is to plant a lot of water-loving plants, shrubs, and other materials. If you work with a landscape contractor to cover your property with a lot of thirsty vegetation, you'll find that the water saturation improves dramatically. This can be an ideal solution in certain situations.

These are three popular options for dealing with drainage issues on your property. Understanding which one is the best option will depend upon your specific property and the goals you have in mind. Your landscape contractor can help you figure out the best solution and implement it. Contact a company like Morlock Landscape & Design to learn more.