Whether you have many rocks upon your property or you wish to purchase some to use as landscaping tools, these pieces are sure to draw attention from others if they are used properly. Here are unique ways to incorporate rocks into your landscaping scheme.

Use Rocks As Furnishings

Many people have patio areas that they use to entertain and relax. Instead of purchasing furniture in a traditional store, consider making some of your own using large rocks. A boulder makes an interesting conversation piece if it is used as the base of a table. Large rocks placed around a table are wonderful seating areas. Use a longer rock as the bottom portion of a bench. Think outside the box and use rocks to your advantage by turning them into shelving areas or containment systems.

Position Rocks Around Your Land's Perimeter

Instead of investing in a fencing service to come to your home to install wood, iron, plastic, or metal pieces around your property, use large rocks as your barrier. When you have large rocks moved from other areas of your land to use as fencing pieces, it is important to keep a bit of space between each one so you are able to vacate your property if necessary. In these voids, plant some foliage to fill in the area. These are easy enough to get around if necessary.

Use Rocks To Incorporate Pathways Through Your Property

Smaller rocks make wonderful stepping stones for walkways. Collect as many rocks as possible and position them close together in areas you wish to have a structured area for walking. Tamp each rock into place using a hammer. Consider making your walkways curved for a unique spin on how they look upon your property.

Build A Rock Garden For A Relaxing Area

Rock gardens are spots where you set up seating and sit back to view the treasures of the land. Place rocks in mounds, surround larger rocks with smaller ones, and use several types of rocks to show off these pieces. In between rock formations, plant some foliage to give your rock garden a burst of color. 

Use Colored Rocks To Complement Your Home

Add small rocks around the perimeter of your home to showcase the colors of your siding. Select a shade in a contrasting color so your home's hue is noticeable to those passing by. Small rocks also aid in keeping moisture from saturating your home's foundation level.

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