Living in a house with a small backyard might feel somewhat limiting at times, but you should not underestimate your ability to do a lot with a small space with proper strategy. If your backyard is rather empty or even overcrowded, you may not find it too appealing to spend time outside.

By using the knowledge and expertise of professional landscapers, you can make your small backyard more appealing with several noteworthy projects.

Skinny Trees

On a large property, you may feel confident about growing almost any tree because you do not have to worry about its size causing any issues. However, you cannot afford to go through the same process for a small space since an oversized tree can lead to all sorts of complications.

This makes it worth growing skinny trees that provide beauty with impressive height while at the same time remaining thin enough to not take up a lot of space in the backyard.


Without a backyard fence, you may not know exactly where your property ends in every direction. Also, you may have to exercise caution when bringing your kids and pets outside because there is no physical barrier to stop them from leaving while playing outside. As soon as you put in a fence, you will feel better about spending time outside with your whole family.

Even though a fence can make the backyard feel a little smaller because you are creating a barrier around everything that you own, you will likely appreciate knowing how much space you own.


To make the backyard more appealing for your family, you should consider swapping out the grass for a type that you know is resilient in numerous ways. For instance, you want it to handle high foot traffic because this will allow your kids and pets to run around without causing damage.

When you make it easier to keep your backyard beautiful, you may know that you will end up going outside more often due to spending less time on upkeep and more time on pleasure.

Fire Pit

Adding an exciting feature such as a fire pit is worth doing for a small backyard because it will not take up a lot of space. An important part of this installation is making sure that the pit is far enough away from bushes and trees that could become a fire hazard with flying leaves or twigs.

Making a small landscape more appealing is a goal that you can accomplish with these projects. For more information about custom landscaping, contact a local landscaping contractor.