Lawn care includes fertilizing, watering, and weeding your lawn as well as cutting the grass. Each of these is important for a healthy lawn, but mowing the grass properly can mean the difference between stressed, thin grass and thick, lush growth. Here are a few important lawn mowing tips you or your lawn service may want to implement.

Use The Best Equipment

An important lawn care tip is to mow with a sharp blade. A lawn mowing service sharpens the mower blades regularly so each lawn gets a crisp cut. If you mow your own lawn, take your mower to the shop and have the blades sharpened at the beginning of the season and again a few months later if you have a long growing season.

In addition to using equipment with sharp blades, choose the right equipment for the job. You'll need a trimmer, edger, and mower to get professional results. You may also want to use a mulching mower so you can mulch lawn clippings as you mow to nourish the soil. If you don't mulch, use a bag attachment to collect grass clippings so the clippings don't smother the grass.

Don't Cut The Grass Too Short

Cutting the grass too short can stress the grass and lead to brown spots and unhealthy grass. When grass isn't healthy, weeds take over, and your lawn won't be as attractive. When the blades are cut too short, the grass has to send nutrients to the blades rather than the roots, and the grass gets weak.

Avoid these problems by cutting only the top portion of the grass. If the grass gets higher than usual, avoid cutting off too much grass at once to make up for it. Learn about the species of grass you have. In addition to learning about the type of soil, nutrients, and water the grass needs, learn the optimum height the grass should be to stay strong and healthy.

Avoid Making Ruts

Avoid making ruts in your lawn when you mow by mowing when the grass and soil are dry. Also, vary your mowing direction so you don't always mow in the same paths. This can lead to trampling down the grass in the ruts, which makes your yard unattractive. Plus, it might kill the grass and make it easier for weeds to take hold.

Lawn care can be more complicated than you might think, especially when you want a beautiful lawn your neighbors admire. If you have a hard time keeping up with a mowing schedule that keeps your grass healthy and tidy, hire a lawn care service. Then, you can have a beautiful lawn with no work or worry on your part.