If you want to care for your lawn but you're worried about the high-traffic areas, then consider artificial lawn turf. This is a type of lawn that isn't real grass at all but looks realistic as can be. You can put artificial lawn turf in many areas of your yard and can even put it in your entire yard if you want. You can also mix artificial lawn turf with regular grass on your lawn if you like.

A beautiful, green yard is what you want but weather, kids, pets, high traffic, and even lawn health in general can affect the way your lawn looks. If you want to get the most out of your property, then consider the following areas where artificial lawn turf can be beneficial or even ideal.

Around your patio

Immediately surrounding your patio or porch is a great place for artificial lawn turf to be. The lawn turf can serve to keep the areas surrounding a hardscaping feature nice and green where regular traffic would normally wear these areas down.

Under pine trees

Pine trees are notorious for dropping pine cones and needles on the ground underneath them. This will cause the grass to have a hard time growing and will lead to worn-out and brown areas. If the dirt is too much to take care of or you have issues keeping the areas under pine trees clean, then consider artificial lawn turf. You can simply sweep the debris under pine trees away and have the illusion of a continuously green and lush yard.

In kennels or pet areas

If you have pets that spend some time outdoors, then getting artificial lawn turf can help you give your pets an easier place to go potty without ruining your lawn in the process. Your pets can learn to use artificial lawn turf instead of regular grass, and you can pick up feces and spray down urine later. Your pets cannot dig through artificial lawn turf as well, so place this artificial grass in areas where your pets dig and bury.

Buy synthetic lawn turf by the foot or yard for specific areas of your lawn. You can also have a contractor come and measure your yard so you can have the whole space replaced with artificial lawn turf. This can be the best decision for you if you have a smaller yard or want very little lawn maintenance, as you do not have to mow or water artificial grass at all.

Reach out to a landscaping supplier, such as Broadmoor Landscape Supply, to find out more.